How To Apply

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The Children with Dyslexia Scholarship Fund puts the spotlight on outstanding students with dyslexia who are pursuing a post-secondary education, as well as provide the reality that dyslexia can be overcome. This scholarship recognizes the perseverance of these students, and invests in the work they will do in the future. This fund hopes to use the stories of its scholars to prove that while dyslexia may be a barrier to success, it still can be overcome.

The program honors excellence in classroom education and provides a forum to showcase many outstanding students whose efforts, in spite of their challenges, have inspired their fellow peers, teachers, and communities. The program specifically looks for students with dyslexia who demonstrate an eagerness to accomplish high achievements in light of their learning differences.

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    Our Vision

    Children with Dyslexia Scholarship Fund’s vision is to create an ecosystem that supports students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities by:

    • Decreasing the financial barriers that prevent students with dyslexia from attending a specialized school that empowers students with dyslexia to regain their confidence and find and develop their individual strengths
    • Increasing information and financial resources available to students with dyslexia, their families and the educators they work with
    • Creating and distributing learning disability best practices and resources among researchers and practitioners who work with and support children
      with dyslexia

    Our Program

    The Children with Dyslexia Scholarship Fund provides students, beginning in middle school, with dyslexia and other learning disabilities the opportunity to attend a school that provides them with the support they need to achieve and sustain academic success. CDSF’s Goals:

    • Provide Scholarships: Provide financial assistance to students attending schools which support dyslexic students
    • Raise Awareness & Support: Increase dyslexia awareness by showcasing successful scholars and CDSF scholarship recipients
    • Work with organizations that help students, parents and teachers
      to raise awareness about learning disabilities and support students with learning disabilities
    • Promote Collaborative Professional Networks: Create a forum by which researchers and practitioners can share resources and best practices