The Children with Dyslexia Scholarship Fund partners with The Kildonan School and Eye to Eye National to provide support and encouragement to students who struggle with dyslexia and learning and attention issues.

The Kildonan School

Founded in 1969 and located in Amenia, NY, The Kildonan School educates students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences. The Kildonan School empowers students with dyslexia to regain their confidence, and find and develop their individual strengths. The school’s mission is to reveal and illuminate the strengths of individuals with dyslexia or language-based learning differences.

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Eye to Eye National

There is a profound need to provide better support to individuals, particularly young people, with learning disabilities. Students with learning disabilities continue to underperform their peers academically, struggle socially in school, and face other long-term consequences on their academic and life outcomes as a result of their “disability.” Their needs have been long-unaddressed by a school system, and in fact a society, that has not been designed with their needs in mind.

Eye to Eye’s mentoring program is a proven intervention for middle school students with diagnosed learning disabilities. Our arts-based, social-emotional learning mentoring curriculum develops in mentees critical social-emotional skills, empowers students to see their own potential, and provide them with community of others like them. In contrast many programs and organizations serving this population, Eye to Eye views learning differences not as limitations but as assets and centers on empowerment and community. Whereas many organizations take a corrective approach or focus directly on building academic skills, no component of Eye to Eye’s programming is academic or remedial in nature—and yet research has proven not only the effectiveness of our mentoring program in developing social-emotional skills, but also that it has a positive impact on mentee’s academic outcomes.

Social-emotional skill development is deeply ingrained in our curriculum. Each of our weekly art projects is designed around a specific SEL objective, which mentors help mentees explore during the art project by engaging them in conversation, sharing own their experiences, and providing concrete tips and suggestions. Our innovative curriculum is a main component of what makes what Eye to Eye offers so unique: no other organization uses an SEL curriculum paired with near-peer mentoring as an intervention for young people with learning differences, despite its proven effectiveness in helping these students.

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