Tim Hollinger – Scholarship Recipient 2016

The Children with Dyslexia Scholarship Fund was a great investment in my success and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in school and life. I’m happy to hear this continues to be the case for current recipients and I encourage anyone reading this to get involved or continue…...

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Karl Oppenheimer – Dean of Student Life, Kildonan School

It’s been a pleasure working with the Children with Dyslexia Scholarship Fund. The fund not only provides financial assistance and resources to children and families that need it, but also provides a strong community for the scholarship fund participants. I’m excited for the momentum to continue and remain a thriving…...

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August Hunt – Scholarship Recipient 2008

The Children with Dyslexia Scholarship Fund was there to support me and my dreams. By not having to worry about the financial burden of paying for school, I was able to focus on my passion, art. The fund provided me with a strong foundation to succeed in school, go to…...

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